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    Sprints Recap

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    It has been two weeks since the Sprints. Due to some incredibly strong wind, the race had to be cancelled. We have Erin telling us her day during the sprints.

    Sprints…they say it’s only a one minute race, but wow, who knew how drenched you could get in such a short time? The race was held once again at Seaplane Lagoon in Alameda, but unlike the June Regatta, this time boats were positioned to go against the current. (And what a current it was.)

    The first dozen or so heats enjoyed baby waves. My first race of the day was a surprise in many ways. We found alignment within what felt like seconds and the water was definitely rough going. The shock of cold water prepared us for our next heats, but as nature would have it, the headwind became increasingly stronger as the day went on. After the semi-finals, I recall a fellow Ripple saying something like, “every time I pulled my paddle through the water, I dumped a bucket of water onto me.” That was definitely my reality when racing the women’s open! I wasn’t sure if I was white water rafting or on a dragon boat (I kid, but seriously…those waves). Sometime around after lunch, a meeting was called amongst the coaches and we learned that the remaining heats had be canceled due to the unsafe conditions. It was definitely a bummer to all of the teams that had yet to race finals, but it was a good call considering the waves were cresting.

    All in all, it was a really fun day and a good race! Ripple Furious took 1st place in Competitive C, Ripple Fast took 3rd place in Competitive A, “Kahula Cake” placed 2nd in the Women’s Finals, and our “Spam Musubi” boat took 2nd in Open. We ended the night with a team dinner at Pasta Pomodoro and were able to relax, share food, and unwind. After dinner, the cutest handmade awards were given out to new Ripples, all ranging from quirky to funny to oh so very true. Despite the cancellation, the day ended on a good note because it ended in the company of friends.

    We have Club Crew Qualifiers coming up this weekend in Vancouver, Washington so cheer for the going there to represent us. There are many other events coming up. Keep an eye out for them on the home page or in the Ripple Digest.

    Also a new episode of the Ripple Lounge is out. I don’t talk about it much here, but if you missed previous ones, check out our YouTube channel.

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    Halfway Through the Season

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    We are halfway through the season and I haven’t really updated much so here’s mostly everything that happened in the past couple months.

    Arizona Dragon Boat Festival
    This is the first race of the season for the team and it is an away race in Tempe, Arizona. We sent one crew which placed 2nd place in B division.

    CDBA Regatta
    A small mishap with this race which was reschedule and had a venue change. Nonetheless, we were able to finish strong in this race. Fast placed 2nd in Comp A and Furious placed 4th in Rec A.

    Various Social Events
    Thirsty Thursdays, Food Fridays, SF Giants Chinese Heritage Night, and a lot of smaller gatherings to get to know each other off the water. We have a Thirsty Thursday this coming Thursday (July 16) and several more coming up so keep an eye out for those.

    Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival
    Our second away race this season was in Vancouver, Canada. Not Washington. That one is later in the year. So we had two people right up their experience for this race due to miscommunication. >_>;;; One is a new paddler to the team and the other is relatively new (a little over a year old).

    The first one is from Christina:

    Hope everyone is having a fab summer! As everyone knows we’re in the middle of our racing season basking in summer heats *get it~?* This year Ripple combined with LightWave bringing two boats, RFX Fast and Ripple Lightwave to Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in Vancouver, BC; big thanks to Snap Dragons for hosting us! With all the predictions for rain this weekend, the one word to describe the weather was sunny! There were so many different teams from all parts of the world racing it out; it was great mingling and meeting so many different paddlers. Also as many Ripples would agree the overall of the race and race site was well organized with loads of vendors to check out in between heats.

    We raced well! Ripple Effect Fast placed fourth in Recreational A Championship, Ripple Lightwave placed first in Recreational C Consolation, Women’s placed sixth in Recreational A Championship, and lastly Open placed first in Consolation.

    All business aside, it was a lot of fun bonding with teammates off the water too. Many of us came in early on Friday for practice which meant most of us ate around town such as Japadog, dim sum, other food trucks (yum!). Later that night we went to Richmond Night Market, which had live music, shops, and many, many food vendors. On Saturday some of us went downtown to sightsee while others ate around Richmond. Lastly on Sunday the teams celebrated at Shabu-sen Yakinuki House for all you can eat seafood and drinking. Special thanks to Sarah Hunt for taking me on a Northwest roadtrip (Canada, Washington and Oregon)!

    A totally awesome trip worth every moment with my teammates!
    Special thanks to Hendrick and Silvia for photos and cabbies for inspiration. Next Race…. Alameda Sprints!

    The second one is from Stephanie:

    I had the pre race jitters and wasn’t able to get a good night’s sleep. Nonetheless, I woke up more eager than ever to paddle. It’s funny how much you realize the love and passion you have for something when only running on 3 hours of sleep suddenly doesn’t matter. All that mattered was that I woke up and knew that I was going to do something that I loved for the day.

    I never realized how big the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival was until the festivities had commenced. The race area was packed with teams from all around the world; locals and travelers full of curiosity spectating the event. It felt amazing to be a part of something this big. Though every team was competitively racing with one another, there was still a strong presence of camaraderie throughout the entire event. As paddlers undocked from their boats, other paddlers lined up to give one another high fives and praise.

    We were very lucky and blessed to have been hosted by a local women’s team. They provided us with tents, chairs, and delicious home baked goods. Without their motherly hospitality, we would’ve definitely not been able to survive the two day event.

    There was such a huge range of teams present at the event; high school teams, collegiate teams, clubs, breast cancer survivor teams, blind teams, etc. It was truly inspiring and motivating to see all these people paddling. It made me want to try even harder in every aspect of my life. Many of these paddlers have undergone intense life changing events but have chosen to not let their obstacles consume them.

    I just want to say that I love my team. This was my first ever international dragon boat competition and I couldn’t have done it without the support and care from my fellow teammates. It feels so great to have a solid team that genuinely cares about one another. I always look forward to practice and I can’t wait to paddle out with you all next week!

    Since I got this post up late, sprints happened yesterday. Recap for it is coming soon, but the photos have been uploaded. Check it out in the photo section of this website or on our Flickr.

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    Starting Season 14 Right

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    Season 14 officially started two weeks ago with a bright and sunny practice on Saturday and then our first social events with the season kick-off meeting at Sports Basement and bowling at Classic Bowl. It was a good opportunity for some of us to see each other again after disappearing for months in the off season.

    Going back a week, the seventh episode of the Ripple Lounge is out. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUnZdMgFAro
    In the two month hiatus away from it, I’ve thought about where to take the show (if you can call it that). I’ll continue to talk and interview people on about themselves, random topics, and sometimes serious subjects. We’re a team of 40-60 people and it might be hard to interact with so many people. This is to help everyone on the team to know each other a little bit better.

    This past weekend, we had another social event, our traditional TIPsy FUNdraiser event held at Tonic. A really big thanks to everyone that showed up and brought their friends out to help support the team. It’s one of the few events where you show your friends the less intense side of the team while we are off the water. This was another successful fundraiser and a huge thanks to our guest bartenders.

    If you haven’t heard yet, our Friends and Family day will be postponed until March 7th due to a chance of rain this weekend. I’m pretty sure your friends wouldn’t want to come out to practice in the rain with us anyways. That’ll definitely scare them off.

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    Enjoying the Off-Season

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    Our off-season starts right after Treasure Island since it’s the last race of the year for us. Some of us (such as myself) have stopped going to practice because there isn’t any races to prepare for, while the more dedicated bunch continue to improve themselves. I’ve asked several people what they have been up to during the off-season now that they have so much time on their hands.


    I really shouldn’t be surprised by this, but the most common response was sleeping in on Saturday mornings. As the weather gets colder, it’s hard to resist the temptation of staying under the warm blankets for an extra hour or two. These people don’t have any regrets about it since they don’t have to be at practice at 10.

    For the kids still in school, they’re all studying for finals. I asked if they did anything besides studying and they’re like, “Nope.” Cramming information doesn’t work. Spread out your study time and schedule times to go out and do stuff with friends. Small distractions like that help with retaining information better.

    Some of us are still remaining active by doing not dragonboat stuff. Running, biking, rowing, and other stuff.

    Now onto people with something different. May attended Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). It’s an event where you go watch people compete against each other in League of Legends. If you haven’t seen it in our FB group yet, May was asking for likes on one of her photos to win a gaming chair. I probably should have wrote this at that time so she could have gotten more likes.

    Alex went to Seattle to hang out in the area. Before he left, he talked to a girl who was also going to Seattle during the same weekend. They never ran into each other during their trip in Seattle.

    We’re a group of different people with varying interests. Talk to each other and find activities to do together during the off season.

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    Derrick and I discuss how to stay active while in the off season when you aren’t paddling as well as eating habits. It’s one of the best time to work out hard, make massive gains, and show off the results when the season starts.

    If you need some help or advice on how to get started, I’m willing to help, but Derrick is the better choice since he is more knowledgable than me. Post in the team group on FB if you want to get a group to do something. I’m 100% sure that other people will be interested.

    As always, if you have a fun question to ask, submit it here.

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