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    Enjoying the Off-Season

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    Our off-season starts right after Treasure Island since it’s the last race of the year for us. Some of us (such as myself) have stopped going to practice because there isn’t any races to prepare for, while the more dedicated bunch continue to improve themselves. I’ve asked several people what they have been up to during the off-season now that they have so much time on their hands.


    I really shouldn’t be surprised by this, but the most common response was sleeping in on Saturday mornings. As the weather gets colder, it’s hard to resist the temptation of staying under the warm blankets for an extra hour or two. These people don’t have any regrets about it since they don’t have to be at practice at 10.

    For the kids still in school, they’re all studying for finals. I asked if they did anything besides studying and they’re like, “Nope.” Cramming information doesn’t work. Spread out your study time and schedule times to go out and do stuff with friends. Small distractions like that help with retaining information better.

    Some of us are still remaining active by doing not dragonboat stuff. Running, biking, rowing, and other stuff.

    Now onto people with something different. May attended Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). It’s an event where you go watch people compete against each other in League of Legends. If you haven’t seen it in our FB group yet, May was asking for likes on one of her photos to win a gaming chair. I probably should have wrote this at that time so she could have gotten more likes.

    Alex went to Seattle to hang out in the area. Before he left, he talked to a girl who was also going to Seattle during the same weekend. They never ran into each other during their trip in Seattle.

    We’re a group of different people with varying interests. Talk to each other and find activities to do together during the off season.

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    Derrick and I discuss how to stay active while in the off season when you aren’t paddling as well as eating habits. It’s one of the best time to work out hard, make massive gains, and show off the results when the season starts.

    If you need some help or advice on how to get started, I’m willing to help, but Derrick is the better choice since he is more knowledgable than me. Post in the team group on FB if you want to get a group to do something. I’m 100% sure that other people will be interested.

    As always, if you have a fun question to ask, submit it here.

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    Treasure Island Recap

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    Treasure Island has always been our goal throughout the season. All the previous races were benchmarks to see the progress we were making throughout the year: Arizona, regatta, Hong Kong, and sprints. We did exceptionally well in all those races and I expected nothing less from everyone at TI. Our practices became increasingly intense as the race approached. All of that paid off because all three boats, as well as our two gender boats, placed better than any other year. This proves that we are improving year after year and when the next TI rolls around, we might be able to be champions.

    Our annual flash mob at TI.

    On the morning of the first day, we have to get to the race site early to set up. I usually grumble at this since it was too early. However, I woke up at 4AM and I was so excited, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I got out of bed and started packing up stuff, get ready, and the most important part of my ritual is to take a morning race-day selfie. I got to the race site on time and it was already full of energy. The sky was still dark and the sun was nowhere to be seen, but people were already smiling, laughing, and running around.

    As the day went on, the sun came out and the weather was perfect (for everyone else because I like to be a grump with my cloudy, overcast sky.) The day was full of excitement, fun, and food. Lots and lots of food. Our sister team, Space Dragons, were here with us and there was a lot of catching up and talking to their new members as well.

    Day two had more of the same thing, but it was also finals. I hear that people are usually excited, nervous, tense, or have these other feelings during a race especially the finals, but not me. I have the mindset of meh (this is like being in a state of zen) I want us to be able to get first in every race, but at the same time I’m not going to cry over it if we don’t. I care about being able to paddle my best in each race. I know I did my best in the finals in the Furious boat. I’m pretty sure a lot of other people did too. Be honest and if you don’t think you did your best, figure out what you didn’t do so well in and improve on it.

    The best part of the weekend for me was Assassin. One of the best games ever, full of deception and paranoia. When I introduced myself to someone from Space Dragons, I told them I was Alfred. Alfred did the same and said he was Ben. I also gave him a shirt that had my name on it which he wore all Sunday. I didn’t win, but it was fun being paranoid and constantly looking over my shoulders.

    TI was the last race of the season and I’m extremely proud of how well we did this year. The season is over, but practice will still be going until whenever people stop coming. I won’t be going to any of those because I’ll be doing some super secret training for next year (well… not really.) We will continue to have social events and other stuff so check this website, your email, and Facebook to keep updated on those.


    Excerpts from TI
    “Someone better call Chris Hansen because you all were creeping throughout that race.”

    All weekend Simon was yelling at me for not giving him a sandal (his right one broke). On Sunday my left one broke so I bequeathed my right, intact sandal to him.

    May was carrying Eric for a picture and after a few takes he says “you’re squashing the burrito!”. I thought to myself kids these days and their nicknames for “things”… Then he actually pulled a burrito out of his pocket!

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    Wow. This is turning out to be more real with intro music and everything. In this episode is more of a conversational piece with Silvia as we talk about the Treasure Island dragon boat festival, off the water training, and donuts.

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    Ripple Lounge 04: Motivation

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    I still need to work on my sexy radio voice, but in this episode of the Ripple Lounge, I talk with Francis about motivation; why we got started working out, how we maintained our healthy lifestyle, and what keeps us going.

    The first fitness goal I set for myself all those years ago is to get hella ripped with six pack abs and all that stuff. At that time, the goal seemed almost impossible, but it motivated me to get started and to keep going. Although having that as a goal may make me look like a shallow kid (which I was at the time), I’m glad I did it because of the journey I went through to get to where I am now. I join this team, met some amazing people, and did so many things I never thought was possible. I’m still trying to reach my goal of getting a six pack abs, but I realized the goal itself is very selfish since it’ll only benefit me. For the time being I’m going to set it aside and set another big goal for myself and hopefully you guys and gals will join me in it: win 1st place at TI.

    To achieve that goal, I’m going to revamp my workouts, come out to as many practices as I can, and attend any other workout sessions the team provides. For everyone else, I hope you can join me in this and push yourself a little harder. If you need some advice, I’m here to answer any questions and I’m sure the coaches are available too.

    TI is coming up so LET’S GET RIPPED!

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