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    About a month ago, we sent a crew up to Hong Kong to compete in two dragon boat events, the Stanley International Dragon Boat Festival and the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival. In this episode of the Ripple Lounge, I talk to Tony about the races, his trip in HK, and various other things as we get sidetracked.

    This episode is audio only for the most part. Hit play and listen to it while you do other things.

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    Regatta Recap

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    We woke up (early)

    We paddled

    We Conquered.

    I’m missing a few details, but at the end of the day most of us felt like this:

    CDBA Regional Regatta was held on May 3, 2014. Our local race that takes place in our own Lake Merced! Ripple brought out 2 strong mix dragon boat crews as well as an Open crew and a Women’s crew. Coming into this competition our Ripple athletes certainly had their eyes on the prize. After a tough day of paddling the results showed us that hard work pays off. 1st in D Division for Furious, 1st in A Division for Fast, 4th for the women’s boat, and 1st for our open crew.

    I wanted to emphasis the “WE” in my intro because that was what this weekend was all about. I definitely felt the team spirit on the boats as well as cheering on shore. The name on that trophy paddle reads Ripple Effect and that means we all worked for it!!! It was awesome to see some Ripple alums come out to help drum and manage our food! Thank you for holding the fort down! A shout out goes to all the kiddies that came out to paddle!

    In addition, this was a weekend of firsts for a few (including myself!) Our head coach Eddie steered his first race while Manh was the lead stroke for his first race! Stroking along side Manh was a completely new experience for me as well. Furious boat came together and performed better with each race throughout the day. Stumbled a bit out of the gate with the first race, but we seized the moment in the finals. I’m extremely proud of how we came together.

    I was also extremely proud to wear orange and black while cheering for Fast. Fast DOMINATED the competition from the start of the day. More importantly, they didn’t let it get to their heads and stayed focus. That focus earned Ripple back to back championships!!!

    Our women’s boat also gave the competition a run for their money. Our Ripple ladies earned their right to paddle in the finals.

    I felt truly humbled and honored to paddle for our open crew for first time. I’ve never been on a boat that FLIES before. I thought it would be considered cheating to have a motor attached to the boat, but the photos revealed our boat was powered by these:


    Suns out guns out right??

    With our HK dragon boat race as well as the sprint race coming up, there’s a lot to look forward to and be excited about. Time to work even harder! Don’t forget to party hard too!

    Favorite Moments:
    I thought the nicknames given to Open and Women’s boat were pretty creative. I don’t think ‘Instigator’ describes me though. It’s clearly Chuck starting problems by pouring water on Eddie. :P

    Before the 2000m race starts, Ben decides to walk home, take a shower, and change. He gets back to the race site and the race still hasn’t started yet!

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    Message from the Head Coach

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    Words can never express the full extent of my feelings of pride and gratitude towards all of you. However, due to my crybaby speech style on Saturday, I’d like to put it out there again for everyone (whether present at the race or not).

    I am so proud of everyone. We had a lot of people step up into new positions this season and this race. We had new strokes, new coaches, and new paddlers. I had the privilege of being on all crews and all of you really made those boats fly. Regardless of where we placed, that’s all I could ask for and all of you definitely delivered.

    Thank you guys so much for all the time and energy you spend on and off the water. Time is important to everyone and the fact that you guys are willing to come out one to three times a week for water time as well as adding off-water training time is huge. Everyone has been responsive to the coaches and there’s been so much improvement from the beginning of the year until now. Thank you for trusting in the coaches. We do what we can to make you the best paddlers you can be but it’s each of you that put in the work. Thanks for making our jobs easier by being so coachable.

    As important as it is to look towards the future, it is just as important to remember the past. There is a very long list of coaches and cabinet members that have molded the team to what it is today. Thank you to all of you for making Ripple Effect into an organization that I love and am proud to be a part of.

    Ripple has come from humble beginnings and we definitely keep to our roots. We still paddle for fun and to socialize with one another. Over the past 5 years, all of you have become a second family to me (even if you are that crazy uncle). Let’s continue to party, volunteer, and paddle as a team, but also as a family. Please remember to practice humility. We don’t race to place first. We don’t race to beat other teams. We have no control over them. All we can control is ourselves. Let’s continue to go out there and race to the best of our ability.

    The coaches see a lot of potential in everyone and we do our best to tap into that potential. But we can’t do it unless you come to practice! Continue to come out and continue your land training. If anything, let the results from the regatta drive you to come out more and work out harder. We are all still learning to be better paddlers, it’s a life long journey so let’s all learn and improve together.

    Everything is awesome,
    Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.
    See you out on the water!


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    TIPsy FUNdraiser Aftermath

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    Our most experienced bartender.

    Wow. I’m slow on the report since this event was two weeks ago.

    Thanks to everyone who made it out and support our dragon boat team. The night was fun to say the least as drink after drinks were served by our bartenders. They all had about half an hour to learn almost everything before the night started and I personally think that this time around was more difficult compared to our previous events since there was only one official bartender to cover them. Nevertheless, congratulations to our six bartenders for surviving the night.

    In addition to the drinks, Peachie was also selling her macarons. Yes, it’s macarons. We all found out macaroons are completely different things. The macarons are amazing so if you haven’t tried them before, let’s all hope she makes them for a race or some other event.

    Again, thanks to everyone who came out to support our team. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events.

    From the bartenders
    Mel’s secret – One funny thing was that I would only let my friends order the 3 drinks that was good at making – Long Island iced tea, old fashioned or Moscow mule! I refused to make anything else. Oh and apparently I have a very heavy hand…

    Side note – Alice also has a heavy hand. If you wanted the best value for your money, you should have gone to them. Keep this in mind for the future.

    Ray’s wisdom – The next time you step up to a bar, remember this: Ordering something from the drink menu with 6+ ingredients means you will have to wait while the bartender measures and muddles your cocktail. Ordering shots, will get you alcohol ASAP.

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    Read up on what happened at Tempe with this article written by Janet.

    Ripple kicked off the season by sending a mixed crew to the Arizona Dragon Boat Festival in Tempe, AZ. We competed in the 250, 500, and 1000m races. Despite tough competition, warmer weather conditions, and a handful of new paddlers, we were able to perform at our best and brought home some hardware to prove it! Our crew got 2nd in the Div B 250 m All-Out Sprints race! Congratulations to all of our paddlers who competed and shout out to Homie crew for morally supporting us while we were away!

    Being that this was the first race for some Ripples (including myself!), we had to overcome some nerves as we awaited the start of each race. With the support of our coaches and fellow teammates, we were able to focus in and perform. As a newbie paddler, my first race was pretty intense! The energy from my teammates in the boat motivated me to keep pushing through to finish each race strong. It was definitely gratifying to get off the boat after each race knowing that we left everything out on the water.


    Since we only had one crew, we had plenty of time between heats to meet up with our sister team Space Dragons. It was exciting to meet a whole new team that shared the same passion and enthusiasm for dragon boat racing. Both teams were “challenged” to meet at least three new people from the other team. We also tried to find our Space twins- someone on our sister team that has the same personality, mannerisms, interests, etc. I have yet to meet mine…

    Although we came to Tempe to race, it was the perfect opportunity to get to know one another outside of the boat. Since I’m new to the team, I felt like I was able to bond with everyone. I spent so much time talking and laughing that I lost my voice! Definitely a weekend for the books. Looking forward to continue practices and to spread this energy for our next race, the CDBA Regatta in May!

    Excerpts from Tempe
    Throwback to college dorm days figuring out how to play the Stick Game over biscuits and apple butter

    “I like coffee, but I don’t like tea…” still don’t know how to play =/

    Slapping “I love pho king” stickers on people when they least expect it

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